Have limited time to shop? Check out MiM's Quickshop option! You get a basic doll, including her basic wardrobe, and sleeping bag, an extra outfit and accessories to go with your choice. You can choose from different outfits, just scroll through Quickshops and make your selection!!
Fashion Diva
MiM Mall
MiM Rocks!
MiM Mall$142.00
MiM Rocks!$154.00
Basic Doll, Fashion Diva Outfit, Short Black Wig, Silver Accessory Pack.
Basic Doll, MiM Mall Outfit, Short Electric Blue Wig, Mall Accessory Pack.
Basic Doll, MiM Rocks! Outfit, Pink & Black Wig
MiM Kicks
MiM Kicks$141.00
Basic Doll, Explorer Outfit, Strawberry Blond & Pink wig, Explorer Accessory Pack.
Basic Doll, PJ Outfit, Long Electric Pink Wig, PJ Accessory Pack.
Basic Doll, MiM Kicks Outfit, Long Auburn Wig, Sports Accessory Pack.
MiM Camp
Cheer Leader
MiM Camp$151.00
Basic Doll, Camp Outfit, Strawberry Blond & Pink Wig, Camp Accessory Pack.
Basic Doll, Emerald Outfit, Long Medium Brown Wig, Silver Accessory pack.
Basic Doll, Cheer Leader Outfit, Light Blond Side Buns, Sports Accessory Pack.
High Tea
High Tea$165.00
Basic Doll, High Tea Outfit, Long Medium Brown Wig, Tea Accessory Pack.